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Exacta Description

You can tweak your sound with the Exacta loading switches, conveniently located right on top. Cartridge manufacturers may recommend a one-size-fits-all 47K load, but a different value may improve the cart's sound by taming its resonant frequency. When not loaded properly, it can sound too bright, or possibly dull with no soundstage.

For example, the Audio-Technica MM carts can sound much better with a lower resistance load, say 36k. Meanwhile the Shure cartridges might hit the sweet spot at 67k or even higher. The Budgie's Exacta load lets you easily adjust the load setting with a fingernail using the chart below. Even tweak your cart by ear: higher for more soundstage, or lower if too bright.

This resistance loading method is far superior to traditional capacitive loading methods: 1) it can adjust resonances up or down, 2) it extends bandwidth while adjusting the resonance (more pF just lowers bandwidth), and 3) there are fifteen options - not just one or two.

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