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Read Shannon's article "Budgie: An Arduino-Based Tube Stereo Preamplifier" in the July 2014 AudioXpress.

About Us

Shannon Parks built a clone of the classic Dynaco ST35 tube amp in 2002, and has been hooked on tubes and transformers ever since.

He started the forums at diy•tube and released several tube projects over the next decade, including the well-regarded get*set*go 6B4G SET and Clementine 6L6 power amplifiers. Wanting to devote all his time to his passion, Shannon started Parks Audio in 2013.

Currently the flagship Parks Audio products are the Budgie Phono Preamp and the Budgie Hybrid Preamp. Shannon builds each unit himself and runs a battery of DC bench tests as well as audio analysis. Only after the final listening test does a Budgie go out the door.

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