System Components Budgie Phono Preamp

Budgie Tube Phono Preamp

Vacuum tube phono preamplifier - adjustable load, single-ended, Class A, all-tube audio path.  Get the best possible sound out of your moving-magnet cartridges. . . . more>>



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Budgie 'Cinemag' SUT

Budgie ‘Cinemag’ SUT



System Components

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Budgie 'CM1254' SUT

Budgie ‘CM1254’ SUT

Our brand new SUT design showcasing the amazing Cinemag CM1254 transformer which features extremely low winding resistance. Effortless load matching for any cart made. . .more>>



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(free US shipping)

The Budgie Step Up Transformer (SUT) now showcases the fantastic Cinemag CMQEE-3440AH transformer. These transformers are constructed with superior laminations that Cinemag has reserved over the years for devices requiring the lowest distortion and highest clarity. When paired with  the Budgie phono preamp, you’ll have one of the best phono setups possible, with effortless load matching for any cart made. . . . more>>